5 Ways the Right Restaurant POS System Can Help You Upsell and Cross-Sell

As a restaurant owner, you might already know that restaurant POS systems help you offer faster, more efficient service. The ease with which your servers can take and place orders, print checks, or make changes is a big saver of time and money.

Did you know that restaurant software can also help with your bottom line? Upselling and cross-selling are important skills that excellent servers and cashiers can hone.

With the right restaurant POS system in place, it can pump up your average ticket price as well.

Restaurants and bars are natural industries when it comes to this type of sales tactic. Compared to a retail store, few patrons are there “just browsing.” In fact, it’s rare for a customer to enter a bar or restaurant without already having the intention to buy. This is a gold mine of opportunity, and a POS system for restaurants can be a big help!

Know Where the Opportunities Are

The first step is to make certain your employees are fully aware of the opportunities your menu presents for either cross-selling or upselling. In a quick service restaurant, these are often apparent with visual menu boards that offer “meal deals” (think McDonald's).

On its own, a Big Mac, fries, and drink would cost more. As part of a meal, there’s an implied value to the customer (hence the frequently used name “value meal.”) Your restaurant or bar may be a little more upscale, but the same principles apply.

Offering lunch combination deals that include a soup and sandwich is a common tactic among casual restaurants. Price fixed menus are likewise becoming more popular as customers are looking to save money. These combinations can easily be programmed into your restaurant point of sale software for easy reminders and ordering.

Upselling and cross-selling opportunities are also present in other ways. For example, you may offer a 10-oz. steak for one price, and a 12oz steak for a minimal upcharge. That steak may likewise pair well with a certain wine or beer offering.

By choosing the right POS software for your restaurant, you get to enjoy the following benefits:

Increased Profitability

The ideal restaurant POS platform can boost profits by allowing you to market, order, and sell anytime, anywhere. Additionally, the right POS solution can capture buyer behavior, which helps you create targeted and personalized marketing campaigns.

Efficient Use of Labor

A good point-of-sale system generates detailed and accurate reports, which eliminate the need to perform manual disparity checks and cash register reconciliations. This frees up your employees from doing laborious tasks so that they can devote their time, effort, and energy to finding ways to increase your sales.

Hassle-Free Card Transactions

Top-of-the-line POS software can handle both debit and credit card processing directly. This means that you won’t have to shell out cash and use separate equipment to accommodate a purchase transaction. With the right POS, card payments are quicker and more secure.

Make It Easy On Your Customers and Employees

Programming your restaurant software to alert, or remind your employees of opportunities is helpful. Digital menus are becoming increasingly popular at fast casual restaurants and can easily be integrated with your restaurant POS system.

Once you have your combinations, deals, and add-ons set up, the digital menu will prompt customers or employees entering orders on a digital device to take certain actions. The system can offer suggestions for add-on items, or match the selections with complimentary items.

Order Confirmation Increases Add-On Items

Especially with touchscreen ordering systems and digital menus at the table, the order confirmation screen is a prime opportunity to sell. Pictures of a delicious dessert, or a delicious side dish to pair with the entrée can really boost sales and enhance your customer’s experience.

Match Your Deals with the Weather

Seasonal offerings present a great opportunity for restaurants and bars to capitalize on. The weather plays an important role in what customers are looking for. If it’s a hot day, a cold drink may be in order. For colder days, something hot and hearty might be a popular choice.

Your restaurant POS can be easily set up to promote or feature certain items. What’s more, it’s easy to make changes as the weather, or seasons dictate.

Identify Trends

With advanced data management, your POS system can identify trends in your customer’s ordering behavior. You’ll be able to know what items sell and when. More importantly, you can identify what items are frequently purchased together and identify combinations you hadn’t previously considered.

The Right Tool For the Right Job

As you can see, the new generation of quick service software offers more opportunities than earlier POS systems. The POS.com point of sale solution offers a variety of the above tools, and more!

  • Multi-store management for local and cloud-based operations

  • CRM and loyalty program management

  • Mobile POS

  • Dynamic reporting

  • Integrated inventory management system

…and several other features that are designed to make running your bar or restaurant a snap! You can increase your sales, streamline your processes, manage your customers, and get fast, accurate reporting from anywhere in the world with our cloud-based management feature.

Upselling and cross-selling are vital components of the hospitality industry. Let’s get ready to take your bar or restaurant to the next level. Get a free demo! 

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