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POS.com brings you the right salon POS right away, with the functionality you need and the features you want. With the POS.com solution built specifically for your unique salon and spa, you can be assured that you will have the right salon & spa software. POS.com provides businesses like yours the full suite of solutions including: software, POS terminals, and all the service; before, during, and after your system implementation.

  • Custom Functions & Features
  • Local Support & Training in 50+ Cities
  • Desktop and Mobile POS Solutions
  • Accounting, Xero, Quickbooks POS Integration
  • For Your Business Size
POS.com salon and spa point of sale screenshot

Available Features

  • Schedule Appointments Directly in the POS: With our salon scheduling software not only can staff schedule appointments directly in the system, but customers are able to schedule appointments online as well.
  • Salon Service Management: By introducing all the services you offer in your salon management software, along with their price, employee commissions and service duration, you can make sure everything runs smoothly.
  • Match Customers with Salon Service Providers: Match the most appropriate salon specialist for a specific customer, thereby saving time and effort. Different types of allocation criteria can be specified based on experience, price, and history.
  • Better Appointment Overview: In the dashboard, you can filter all of the appointments by employee or date, making your salon POS an essential tool in identifying trends and making business decisions.
  • Automatic Notifications: You can also enable automatic e-mail or text notifications, to make sure your customers won’t forget the date and hour of their upcoming appointment.
  • Streamlined Checkout: Customers will be able to choose the services and beauty products they need and easily pay for them as a part of a streamlined checkout process.
  • Employee Management: Block time in the calendar based on the schedule of your employees. You will know if they have gone for lunch or when they are planning to take vacations, so that no bookings are accepted in the salon POS system during those periods.
  • Manage Permissions: You can ensure that the employees are booked only for their relevant skills and services, so that there is no mismatch. Commissions based on each service can also be set for individual employees.
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    “POS.com has been an integral part of our growth strategy as we’ve reached over 100 stores.  They’ve provided consulting as well as deployment service in areas like POS, eCommerce, OMS, and CRM.  They were able to coordinate integrations from different vendors to allow our customers a seamless omnichannel experience.”

    Bob Dwyer, CFO of J. McLaughlin

    “POS.com; they really helped us with the POS and eCommerce selection process, as well as made it much simpler.  They spent time understanding our needs instead of just trying to push a specific product like many other vendors.

    Andrew Goetz, Founder of Malin and Goetz



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