When Do You Need a Mobile POS System?

With the rise of mobile devices in the hands of every consumer, businesses as well are taking steps to incorporate this technology in their store or restaurant. Mobility has the capacity to increase both the speed and efficiency of your services and is notably useful in several restaurant and retail settings.

When Do You Need a Mobile POS System?

In our current retail & hospitality climate, providing customers with a seamless shopping or dining experience is more critical than ever before. Implementing a tablet or other mobile device that has been specially programmed to process orders, print checks, or manage returns, many businesses quickly find themselves wondering how they ever did without it.

Benefits for Restaurants

In the restaurant business, time and efficiency can make all the difference. POS systems for restaurants are a life saver when compared to the old way of writing checks by hand, and the new wave of mobile POS is taking restaurant operations to the next level.

  1. Increase Table Turnover. Mobile POS systems, especially tabletop devices, allow customers to place their order or pay their bill without the need for a server.

  2. Reduce Order Errors. Nothing can hold up the line more than an incorrect order. Everything gets thrown out of rhythm to make the necessary corrections. A mobile POS system allows the customer or server to enter in the order quickly and accurately, leaving less room for error.

  3. Convey Accurate Information. Customers can be a finicky bunch, especially where food is concerned. With a mobile POS system, you can ensure that customers and servers have access to complete and detailed menu information which can be a big help when allergies or personal preferences are involved.

  4. Lower Labor Costs. With increased speed and efficiency, restaurants find they need fewer staff members, or less hours per employee per week.

  5. Overall Better Service. Speed and efficiency are crucial to the restaurant industry. With enhancements to both, your restaurant can operate at peak performance. You’ll have more satisfied customers, and your staff can spend less time punching in orders and more time delivering great service.

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Benefits for Retail Environments

The retail industry has been quick to adopt mobile POS and herald it as the next best thing. They aren’t wrong either. There are a multitude of benefits to be had through adopting a POS system for retail purposes. Here are just a few:

  1. Cut Down on Lines. Perhaps the most frustrating part of being a retail customer is having to wait in line. With a mobile point of sale system, you can quickly move customers through the checkout process and say goodbye to long waits and frustrated customers.

  2. Offer Products Not in Your Store. With a tablet or mobile device in hand, sales associates can easily show customers relevant items that may be available in other stores, online, or a catalog, thus enabling a sale that may otherwise have been lost due to an item being out-of-stock, or simply unavailable in store.

  3. Quicker Returns. If there’s one thing customers dread, it’s returning an item. Standing in line can be a hassle but with a mobile POS system you can quickly speed customers through the return process while at the same time connecting on a personal level and delivering great service.

  4. Off-Site Selling. The ability to sell anywhere offers great benefits to the retail store that likes to attend conventions, festivals, or fairs. Process orders off site easily and take your store with you wherever you go.

  5. Create Customer Lists Easily. Mobile and email marketing efforts require building a customer list. With a mobile POS system for retail stores your staff can easily add customers to an existing list or create a new one for later use.

Take Your Business to the Next Level

The above lists just a few of the many exciting opportunities that the POS.com mobile POS solution offers. If you’re looking to increase the speed and efficiency of service at your restaurant or retail location, a mobile POS system is a smart investment in the future of your business!


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